The Work

Wycliffe members do a variety of work among peoples without the Word of God in their heart language.

Bible translation is not the job of one or two, but many. It also doesn't mean one kind of job - translation - but there are different ones giving their effort to this spiritual work! "The Road to Transformation" provides an overview of the multi-faceted work of Wycliffe and our partners.

Besides Bible translation, Wycliffe personnel also promote the study of Scripture so that the Word of God takes root in people's lives.

Having a translated Bible isn't enough. The people need to learn to read their own language! Literacy programmes are vital to enable minority communities to learn to read and write in their own languages.

A Bible sitting on a shelf isn't helpful at all. The Bible is God's Word and should be read. Scripture engagement and distribution are therefore crucial to ensure that communities are able to receive the translated Scriptures through printed or oral form, and in different media, such as the arts and music.

Wycliffe Singapore rejoices in having a part in these projects:


Orthography development and production of books for a people group in South Asia

Bilingual education for a community in East Asia


The distribution and promotion of Kagayanen New Testament and Genesis


The revision of Daga New Testament


The translation of Mauwake New Testament

We believe in forging partnerships with churches and individuals to achieve our vision of Reaching 200. We invite you to join us with your talents and skills!


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