The Need

A person might come to know Christ when the gospel is preached to him, but in order to grow in faith and be fruiful for the Lord, he needs the Word of God. For many People Groups, although they may be able to read the Bible in their national language, it is only when they read God's word in their mother tongue - their heart language - that they can truly be touched not just in their mind, but also in their heart. When a people group is discipled through the Word in a language they understand, whole families, communities, and generations are changed for years to come. 

"When I read the Bible in the National Language, it is like a leaf floating on the water.
But when I read God's Word in my own language, it feels like a stone dropping to the bottom of the river. 

It goes right in to touch my soul."


  • Whole Bible Completed
  • No Scripture
  • Portions
  • New Testament

Total Languages : 7,097

The Elo people are subsistence farmers. They are poor and have low levels of education, and also struggle with alcoholism and gambling. None of them knew about Christianity until this project started in 2004. But now there are a few small groups of believers, and they have great hope in the Lord and transformation in their lives.
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