Wycliffe has two broad categories of ministry: language work and support work. These can be on a long-term, short-term, or project basis. If you are looking to explore working with us, you can join us as an intern or a volunteer.

Urgent Vacancies

Regional Manager (Asia)

Major Goals

  • To supervise members in a specific region as they attain the necessary national language proficiency so that they can begin their assignments, learn a minority language and advance in their language projects in line with best practices.
  • To provide administrative support to members.
  • To ensure that members receive appropriate member care so they can thrive spiritually, personally and interpersonally.
  • To help members develop and maintain contingency plans

Based overseas in Asia.

A minimum of 1 year.


  • Spiritually mature, humble, servant-hearted.
  • Adaptable.
  • Some previous experience as a supervisor.

How to apply

  • Interested candidates: Please contact Josephine Tan (Email: jo_tan@wycliffe.sg) for application details.
Teaching Positions (Asia)

1. Multi-grade elementary classroom teachers at learning centres (2 positions).
2. Family tutors (2 positions).
3. High school level teacher-librarian at a learning centre. 

The greatest needs are for high school chemistry and biology, and upper elementary classroom teachers.

Major Goals

  • To provide educational support for foreign families living and working cross-culturally. 
  • To carry out instruction using the curriculum provided, and maintain records and grades.

Based overseas in Asia.

A minimum of 2 years.


  • A formal teaching qualification is not required for some positions.
  • Adaptable, both in living situations and in teaching requirements.
  • Spiritually mature, humble, servant-hearted.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; able to work with colleagues and families.

Other Information

  • Candidates are expected to raise their own support.
  • English is the primary language of instruction.
  • Pre-field and in-country orientation is required.

How to apply

  • Interested candidates: Please contact Josephine Tan (Email: jo_tan@wycliffe.sg) for application details.

Language Work

Bible Translation Specialist

Language and culture are foundational to the identity, beliefs and values of a people group and how they transfer those beliefs and values to future generations. That’s why Bible translation is so important. As a Bible translator, you’ll work with a team of mother-tongue speakers and other linguists to translate Scripture, ensuring that it is accurate, clear and speak to the heart of a people group.

  • Contribute to the Bible translation process for a minority language or cluster of languages -- from initial exegesis to draft, testing, and publication.
  • Provide textual exegesis using commentaries and other resources to evaluate drafts of a translation.
  • Provide linguistic analysis to the translation process, including developing or revising an orthography as needed.
  • Organise and lead a translation project team, including maintaining relations with appropriate stakeholders in local churches, in the community, and with other partner organisations.
  • Teach, train and coach local community members in translation principles and procedures. 
  • Facilitate community testing of translated passages to evaluate comprehension and ensure that they communicate the intended meaning as fully and as clearly as possible.
  • Develop the capacity of the translation project team members and local institutions to continue translation and assume responsibility for the future of their translation project.
  • Bachelor's degree.
  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.

You will be expected to complete linguistics, cross-cultural and Bible training to be ready for a field assignment. Additional training will also take place while on the field. 

Field Linguist

If you have been trained in linguistics, you can use your skills to further Bible translation by conducting independent linguistic research, to advance Bible translation and language development worldwide.

  • Conduct independent linguistic research focusing on one or more of the following areas: phonological analysis, grammar sketches, text collections, lexicography, or discourse analysis.
  • Share the information with host country and the scientific community.
  • Facilitate linguistic analysis, write-ups, and application.
  • Schedule subordinate personnel assigned to participate in project.
  • Conduct research, utilizing institution library, archives, collections, and other sources of information, to collect, record, analyze, and evaluate facts.
  • Prepare reports of completed projects for publication in technical journals, for presentation to agency requesting project, or for use in further applied or theoretical research activities.
  • Master’s in Linguistics or equivalent field experience. Master’s may be required for some international locations.
  • Able to do linguistic analysis and prepare write-ups to publishable standards.
  • Familiar with Best Practices in Linguistics.
  • Able to train others in linguistic principles and practices using appropriate cultural means.
  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.
Language Surveyor

Language Survey is field research that prepares the way for Bible translation and literacy work. It involves travelling and meeting many new people, asking questions and sometimes recording segments of speech for the Bible translators to analyse. If you like adventure, this could be the job for you.

  • Work on a team to conduct primary social, linguistic, and sociolinguistic research.
  • Work on a team to accurately and systematically record and report data.
  • May also gather secondary data from libraries, the internet, knowledgeable people, and journals.
  • May write up research.
  • Diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree may be required for some international locations.
  • Working competency in language(s) used on the job by survey team and/or supervisor.
  • Working knowledge of national and local context and/or organisational or institutional policies.
  • Intercultural Communication Course may be required.
  • Volunteers will be given an individualised training and orientation programme.
Literacy Specialist


Literacy goes hand in hand with Bible translation and community development! It involves much more than just helping people to read and write. As a literacy specialist, you’ll be involved in developing and organising literacy programmes, training teachers, producing materials for people to read and a whole lot more.

  • Partner with communities and organizations to carry out various literacy and education projects.
  • Provide leadership and expertise to the planning and implementation of projects, in-programme design, primer construction, materials development, writers’ workshops, teacher training, program supervision and management training, etc.
  • Participate in multilingual education programmes.
  • Teaching certification is helpful.
  • Cross-cultural experience is helpful.
  • Training in literacy methods and cross-cultural issues under SIL.
  • On-the-job literacy training and workshops.

Support Work

No less important are those who provide administrative and other office support. Many support roles are waiting to be filled. If you have professional skills in IT, accounting, management, communications, and teaching, consider serving the Lord with your gift.



Wycliffe receives funding from donors – individuals and churches – that must be accurately receipted, responsibly accounted for, and disbursed to missionaries or projects. If you are skilled in accounting or book keeping, consider using your skills and training for the Lord. Most people don't realise that missions would not be possible without the silent, backend support staff!  Perhaps God is calling you to use your professional skills to serve Him in Wycliffe. Available positions might be local or overseas.

  • Design and maintain accounting system components.
  • Reconcile various accounts.
  • Make all accruals and adjustments.
  • Prepare appropriate schedules and work papers.
  • Produce appropriate trial balance and financial statements.
  • Prepare tax returns according to prescribed laws and regulations.
  • Provide advice and counsel to entity management on accounting issues.
  • May conduct audits of different group’s accounting operations.
  • May design, implement and use computerised accounting systems.

Relevant professional training and experience.

Administrator and Manager

In Singapore and overseas, administrators are needed, as Bible translation and literacy work expand into new countries. Many of the skills and qualities which make a good administrator in an office setting are essential to the smooth running of a team. Efficient organisation, well-coordinated team work, and commitment to the Lord make for good support for missions!

Administration roles vary considerably. Talk to us and we can explore together where God might be leading you.

  • Carrying out management functions such as planning, organising and coordinating staff within the context of a cross-cultural team.
  • Supervising and overseeing the training of expatriate and national staff.
  • Managing the day-to-day running of an office to enable language work to continue.
  • Writing funding proposals for Bible translation and literacy projects.
  • Relevant work experience.
  • For overseas assignment, some cross cultural training is beneficial.
Regional Director

As Regional Director, you design, implement, and measure the effectiveness of programmes for the region that will best accomplish stated goals. You can utilise your skills to guide the daily activities of our organisation within a select region.

  • Direct selection, training, and development of staff members.
  • Assist staff in programme development and analysis.
  • Study and analyse member and community needs for basis of programme development.
  • Represent organisation in regional area as a public ministry.
  • Maintain relationships with partner organisations, government officials, church leaders, and academic institutions.
  • Assist language teams in solving technical, practical, and personal problems.
  • Bachelor’s degree. Previous administrative experience on the field preferable.
  • Understands SIL and Wycliffe Bible Translators’ legislation, policies, and procedures.
  • Understands and respects multicultural management issues and demonstrates effective cross-cultural relationships.
  • Field regional directors, minimum 2 years experience in SIL International or partnering organisation.
  • Home country regional directors need administrative experience and preferably field experience.
  • Intercultural Communication Course and SIL Today online course may be required.
  • A coaching relationship with a management experienced person for at least the first year.
  • Volunteers will be given an individualised training and orientation programme.
Personnel Administrator

As Personnel Administrator, you will be responsible for planning and coordinating the movement of staff within the organisation. You can use your experience to determine proper placement of staff within the organisation for maximum efficiency.

  • Coordinate with partner organisations to determine the appropriate deployment of staff.
  • Apply existing personnel policies and procedures appropriately.
  • Maintain current staffing data in the organisation’s information system.
  • Polytechnic diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree may be required for some international locations.
  • Extremely proficient with MS Windows and/or Office applications and internet literacy required.
  • Management training and prior experience working in personnel or Human Resources helpful.
  • Excellent people skills, including effective listening and communication skills, ability to confront with clarity and kindness, and to make difficult decisions.
  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.
  • Intercultural Communication Course may be required.
  • Volunteers will be given an individualised training and orientation programme.
Community Development Worker

Many minority language communities lack amenities and know-how that are essential to good health and stable economic structures that will benefit them in the long run. A holistic, people-centered approach in community development will build trust and pave the way for Bible translation projects to start. A community development specialist facilitates workshops and cultivates development partnerships that lead to lasting positive change in these communities.

  • Focus the process of holistic transformational development in a community in the context of a language development programme.
  • Facilitate the training of local leaders of the local ethnic community to identify their own goals, needs and/or the resources for meeting those needs.
  • Lead community development workshops and training courses to meet local community interests, goals, and/or needs.
  • Assist the language development team in engaging with the local community in healthy, sustainable ways.
  • Network to find technical and organisational assistance and/or other agencies with whom the community may wish to partner.
  • Work with various aspects of language development (such as literacy, translation, ethno-arts, etc.) to facilitate a sustainable language programme and holistic transformational development.
  • An experienced CD Specialist may be assigned to a comprehensive project or several language development programmes (in a service cluster) to complement language development work.   
  • Able to relate well to community members, leaders, and local officials by listening well and asking questions in culturally appropriate ways.
  • Able to see local capacities and their relevance to their language and community development goals.
  • Committed to community empowerment through community participation and ownership.
  • Able to apply adult learning principles for training trainers of adults, i.e., train local leaders to train community members.
  • Able to assess resources, monitor and evaluate projects and to train community leaders to do this independently on their own well-developed skills in designing training experiences using adult education and experiential learning principles.
  • Desire and ability to work as part of a language development team includes learning to speak the local language well.
  • Knowledge of basic community development philosophy (especially of holistic transformational development, community based development and participatory development), methods, and practices.
  • Undergraduate degree in a related field will be helpful.
  • Satisfactory performance in courses substantially similar to the following SIL standard courses: Cultural Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning, Language and Society, Introduction to Language Structure, Language Project Planning and Management, Training Across Cultures.
School Teacher

Are you passionate about children and youth, and interested in cross-cultural communication?  Then consider an overseas service posting in teaching missionary kids! You can minister to students and their parents in a multicultural educational setting.

  • Appropriately plan for and carry out instruction using the curriculum and/or textbook guides provided and a variety of materials and media.
  • Prepare, administer and correct assessments, and maintain records and grades in accordance with school standards and procedures.
  • Discuss student’s academic and behavioural performance with parents, recommending action when necessary.
  • Valid teaching credential or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree may be required for some international locations.
  • Minimum 1 year teaching experience.
  • Ability to communicate effectively to a class comprising children from a variety of nationalities, sensitive to illustrations and figures of speech that are culturally bound.
  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.
  • No record of child abuse or harassment, as defined by SIL policy.
  • International Children’s Education orientation or equivalent as determined by the Third Culture Kids Care & Education Coordinator.
  • Intercultural Communication Course may be required.
  • Volunteers will be given an individualised training and orientation programme.
IT Personnel

Information technology is applied in many areas of ministries. The accessibility of smart phones even in Third World countries means that new applications that are developed have the potential to aid Bible translation and speed up the sharing of the gospel to communities in restricted areas. If you have an IT background and want to serve the Lord with your professional training, come speak to us! You could assist and train end users, or provide systems support to the home office and overseas.

  • Train users how to use their personal and center computers and software for assigned tasks.
  • Assist in Data conversion or customization of user interfaces.
  • Help in usage of computer operating systems such as MS Windows & Linux, network systems, computer hardware components, and MS Office.
  • Utilise web development tools and network knowledge to recommend best practice solutions.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer related field, or an equivalent combination of experience and education. Bachelor’s degree may be required for some international locations.
  • Experience working in a variety of customer service environments related to IT support and training is beneficial.
  • Working knowledge of computer operating systems such as MS Windows & Linux, network systems, computer hardware components, and MS Office.
  • For overseas assignments, previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.
Vernacular Media Technician

Vernacular Media Technicians are responsible for field audio productions and for other technical services relating to the production and use of vernacular media tools. Vernacular media production provides important support to language development and Bible translation work worldwide.

  • Operate recording and post-production equipment for field vernacular media productions.
  • Recommend equipment for the distribution of the available vernacular media tools.
  • Coordinate technical input with other vernacular media personnel as appropriate.
  • Work as a member of a vernacular media department in an overseas location.
  • Bachelor’s degree is helpful and may be required for some international locations.
  • Experience in multilingual and cross-cultural environments.
  • Training in technical media application or interest in technical media applications.
  • Possession of natural technical and mechanical abilities.
  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.
  • Vernacular Media Certification Course (if not already completed).
  • Additional media technical and/or communications training may be required.
  • Intercultural Communication Course may be required.
Media and Communications Staff

Do you have a background in communications and a heart for missions? Then join us as a Media and Comms specialist! Use your creativity and passion to effectively communicate the Wycliffe story, compelling others to join us by praying, giving, and going.

  • Research and identify needs and outlets for communications materials and events which help fulfil the goals of the entity.
  • Encourage and facilitate the capturing, preparing, and distributing of stories (related photos and video footage) that reflect the work we do at Wycliffe.
  • Manage and edit reports, brochures, stories, fact sheets, etc. which meet these goals.
  • Generate and manage content for the website.
  • Build a collection of slides and prints, graphic arts resources, etc. to help ensure quality communications materials.
  • Oversee and enforce publicity guidelines on communications materials.
  • Advise entity members about prayer letters and audio-visuals, in consultation with the Personnel Coordinator.
  • Bachelor's degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Previous multicultural experience is helpful.

If you’re looking for some work experience or just want to give time to serve the Lord in a mission agency, we welcome you to join us! You can serve as an intern from one month to a year. Whether as a support worker or in the field, we’re sure that God will speak to you through that experience. Or you could do voluntary service on a regular or ad hoc basis. Here’s what some of our past and current interns and volunteers have to say:

I’ve gained better insight on God’s work through the missionaries. I respect them for their selfless dedication. It’s my honour to share in a tiny part of their work!


Using my God-given gifts to serve people groups that do not have God's Word in their mother tongue is a rewarding experience in my faith journey.


My time at Wycliffe has made me realise how much time Bible translators take to translate God's Word into a language that has no Bible. I hope more people will respond to God's call and take up Bible translation.

Weng Hei

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