At Wycliffe, we depend on the financial support of partners who want to be the vital link to our work both in Singapore and overseas. We ask that you prayerfully consider what the Lord could be leading you to do in terms of financial support for Wycliffe.

Short-Term Missions

Interested to serve in Short-Term Missions?

Anyone considering long-term missions as a career path, and would like to experience overseas missions firsthand.

There are opportunities in various countries across Asia.

There are opportunities to serve in various fields, not only language related roles, dependent on your experience. If you have basic skills such as computer literacy and knowledge of English, you can be of service to many of our teams abroad offering training workshops. Other needs also include home-school education, IT, administration and such like.

How Long?
6 months to 1 year.

Different placements will have differing requirements, placement will depend on your experience. Short-termers are expected to raise their own support. This is also an opportunity to grow in faith and see God provide for all your needs.

How to apply?
Contact us to find out more and discuss a suitable placement. Please send your CV so that we can also find out more about you and determine the best fit for you.

We would love to speak to you! Call 6225 7477 or email admin@wycliffe.sg.


Missionaries in the field are dependent on regular support in order to continue in their work. You may choose to support a particular missionary, an office staff member or allow Wycliffe to disburse the donations as needed through the Undersupported Missionaries' Fund.

Support a Missionary


Wycliffe Singapore's day to day operations support missionaries and projects in the field. You may consider giving to Wycliffe Singapore's operational needs through the general fund to help ensure that administrative, IT and other functions run smoothly.

Support Office Operations


Our R200 programme, under Wycliffe Singapore, seeks to form partnerships with churches and individuals to language projects in the field. You may contribute to a specifc project or to the R200 Project Fund which will be used to start new projects or assist undersupported projects.

Support a Project

Where most needed

Donations will be chanelled to the general fund and allocated wherever is most needed, whether to Missionaries, Operations or Projects.

Give where most needed


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