Missions for Everyone - 3 March 2018

3 March 2018, 2pm - 5pm
Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church, 
77 Prinsep Street (S188649)

Q: Did God call you to serve Him in missions?
A: Umm... I don't think so. I am just a regular office-worker and am not theologically trained.

 Is God's mission only for preachers or pastors? 

When we mention the term 'missionary', most people will think of the image of a westerner dressed in Asian clothing, holding a Bible and preaching from town to town. This is probably because of inspiring stories of spiritual giants such as Hudson Taylor and William Carey. The fact is, not all missionaries are preachers.  Educators, artists, IT professionals, accountants, and people with different skills are much needed in the mission field for the purpose of advancing God's Kingdom. Your God-given talents are a much needed part of the work of missions!

To find out how, join us for the Missions for Everyone event on the 3rd of March, 2pm - 5pm @ Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church where you will have the opportunity to hear the first-hand experience of missionaries who serve God with their diverse skills and backgrounds. You will also hear of openings for these positions in Asia.

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See full list and detailed description of job roles here

Today, many people in the world still need the Bible in their language. You don’t have to be a linguist or translator, if you have an interest in languages, we want to speak to you!

Opportunities for: 
Bible Translators
Literacy & Education Specialists
Language Surveyors

The Arts
At Wycliffe, artists work alongside communities to spark the creation of artistic works that communicate God’s message and transform lives in powerful ways.

Opportunities for: 
Visual Artists
Performing Artists
Arts Workers
Media Specialists
Ethnoarts Specialists

All projects need people to provide essential support functions. One of our greatest needs is for people with management, administration and other professional skills.

Opportunities for: 
Project Managers
Regional Managers
IT Support

Speakers' Bio


David and his wife Sharon, together with their two daughters, were involved in cross-cultural work overseas from 2003-2013. Following 2 years of national language learning, David and Sharon were assigned to an unreached people group. They spent some time to gain competence in the language and culture of the people, and then began  a Bible translation project. David also supervised other language teams in the region for several years. In his previous career, David worked in NUS and PSA Corporation , and was also Missions Pastor at Queenstown Baptist Church until 2015. David graduated in Physics from Oxford University and later obtained his PhD  in Mathematics from Cambridge University, UK. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics from Asia SIL and an MDiv  from Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST).


Rocelyn F. Anog is currently the team leader of the EthnoArts and Orality team of SIL Philippines, a member of Wycliffe Philippines, and a Senior Associate for the Arts and Culture Gateway for the International Orality Network. Roce graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Music Education. She has been teaching music from pre-school to seminary level for over 15 years. In 2009, Roce responded to a call to serve cross-culturally and took Ethnomusicology and Arts courses in Payap University, Thailand where she has continued to help as a facilitator since 2012. She is based in the Philippines, affirming and encouraging underserved minority language communities through their music and arts.


Both Charles and his wife, Hoong Yen  served in Thailand from 2005 to 2012. Charles served as a Computer Specialist and Mobilization Coordinator with SIL - Mainland Southeast Asia group (MSEAG). He was also tasked with strategic planning for national involvement and served as an Advisor to Vocational Projects with Itapon Foundation  and as the Interim Director for Wycliffe Thai Foundation. In 2014, Charles and Hoong Yen relocated to another South East Asian country where he worked as the Information Systems Consultant with a Business As Missions company for two years. Charles is currently serving as the Director of Strategic Initiatives of Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia-Pacific Area. He is also a Partnership Facilitator serving among 7 unreached people groups  in the area of Scripture and Community engagement.

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